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June 16, 2011: Newswest’s Writing Contest Winner.

Newswest’s Writing Contest Winner.
Nepean High School student  Grace Noel has won the second  annual Newswest Writing  Contest. Using this year’s theme,  “Recreation in the Community,”  Noel wrote a poem that reflects  her experiences in Kitchissippi  Ward. Judges were won over by  her hard work and obvious attention  to detail. “Grace Noel’s  entry sealed it for me because she  wrote a poem that obviously had  been worked on and worked  over. She showed a gift for the  language, alternating between  people and things.”  The essay by Ab Sobeha  Adamu about his group, the HB  Breakers, placed second for his  piece’s overall structure and his  enthusiasm. First place winner  will receive an iPod Touch and  second place gets an iPod Shuffle.
Here is Noel’s entry.  Adamu’s  entry will be published in the  September 8 issue of Newswest.  The board of directors would  like to thank the youth of  Kitchissippi for their many  imaginative entries!

Recreational Neighbourhood.
by Grace Noel.

A neighbourhood that lacks in recreation won’t suffice.
No place to run around and play? Can such a thing entice?
A neighbourhood of such a kind-all playgrounds absentee?
In that place you wouldn’t find, or just happen to see:

A group of toddlers rolling down a hill, clothes marred with green.
Children on a play structure, an after-school scene.
An older couple, hand-in-hand, out for their morning stroll.
The ice-rink where the skater scored his first game-winning goal,
Trees whose iron branches hold the climbers of the years,
Bikers quickly speeding by while swiftly switching gears,
A baseball bat that whacks a ball across the summer sky,
Teenagers in bathing suits, beach volleyballs served high,
Cheerful kites that sway and dive on every exhaled breeze,
Little kids with water wings that paddle chlorine seas,
Picnics of a friendly sort, alfresco in the park,
A snowman made by soggy hands in early winter dark.
The basketball bounce off the backboard…swish…a 3-point throw!
Friends in piles of leaves, they pounce and yell, “Geronimo!”
Mr., Mrs., playing tennis and love is the score,
Dancers twirling, tapping, leaping; spread on the dance floor.

Now certainly, that must sound great-all of that exercise-
A neighbourhood with lots of recreation satisfies.
But where, you question, can we find a place that’s so adored?
Why, here, of course, right here at home…in Kitchissippi Ward!

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